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Rajecká valley



The ski resort can be found it the southern part of Rajec valley near Čičmany village, known for its painted wooden house. Part of the resort are 5 ski lifts, surroundedby the beautiful enviroment of picturesque mountainous landscape. Of course there are : ski service, rental and storage facilities. 

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The ski resort is located only 3 km behind Rajecká Lesná village. It is an ideal place for intermediate but also for beginners. The great advantage of this resort is accessibility by car up to the lifts with the possibilities of free parking. It is a smaller resort with 3 lifts, but with its enviroment and magnificence it can compete with many large centres. 

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For the most demanding skiers in the surrounding of Rajec valley - in the area of Žilina country you can find ski resort Vrátna. The resort offers 4 locations called - Paseky, Poludňový Grúň, Chleb and Príslop. 12 lifts and 2 cable cars are part of these locations with total lenght of ski slopes to 14 km. Of course the centre is suitable and maintained for beginners as well as advanced skiers. 

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